Get expert piano lessons and piano instruction in Westfield New Jersey, which is located in Union County, NJ. Experience the skill of a professional Piano instructor near Cranford, and Union, NJ.
Play Piano Like a Pro in Only 25 Lessons . . .

With Professor James A. Sinclair, Ph.D.
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Play Piano like a Pro in only 25 lessons

Special Program specifically designed for casual
learners of all ages!
Presented by Professor James A. Sinclair, Ph.D.

No need for any previous experience, or any
special musical abilities!

Whether you’ve got years of musical experience or none at all, you CAN learn to play piano in only 25 lessons.  You’ll see results almost immediately as you play with both hands from the very first lesson.

Dr.  James Sinclair, an experienced University Professor has developed an amazing method of teaching, which uses the brain’s natural ability to learn so that progress is immediate and constant.  Because you see results right away, you actually enjoy learning and want to practice!

When looking at a piano, the feeling of “if only” is suddenly replaced with the confidence to start playing even after the first lesson.  Learning songs, reading sheet music, and improvising while you play all become very non-threatening.  As you play, you’ll feel that this is a natural ability you’ve had all along.    That ability has just been locked away. Dr. Sinclair’s teaching method helps bring it out of you.

Upon completion of the 25-lesson course, students will easily be able to play many of their favorite songs and melodies, including some of the most famous classical music of Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Because Dr. Sinclair is positive that he can teach ANYONE to play piano, he’s offering a full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
if you’re not satisfied with your progress.

Classes are priced to fit everyone’s budget at
$45 per hour and are conveniently located in
Cranford, NJ.

Day, Evening, or Weekend classes are available

Give yourself or someone you love a gift they’ll never forget 
Play Piano like a Pro in only 25 lessons!.

Call us at 908-709-1267 today and experience a life filled with music from now on!

Play Piano like a Pro in only 25 lessons!.

Call us at 908-709-1267 today and experience
a life filled with music from now on!